CT to T1 registrateion

I’ve been trying to register a post DBS lead implantation to a pre-operative MRI. I’ve tried a combination of things but cannot get a good registration. My main questions are:

  • is it better to use the skull stripped T1?
  • is there a way to use 3dSkullStrip on the CT itself? (I haven’t had much success)
  • the T1 is a STEALTH/navigation resolution sequence that is post contrast - should I use 3dresample? does the contrast mean that it will be less likely to register well?
    The pre-op MRI also has T2 sequences, but intra-operatively I always have the STEALTH system register the T1 to the CT. I can get a very good registration with that system, but have been unable to replicate it outside the OR for research purposes. Thanks.

For DBS processing, have you tried our @Install_DBSproc script to download and install our processing scripts?

Dan - I just installed and modified a couple of lines. Great registration overall. Thanks for the tip.