Creating ROI Masks

Hi all,

I am trying to create individual ROI masks for certain areas. For some areas, I am able to create the mask without any issues yet for other areas I cannot figure out why it will not create the mask.

I am successfully able to create the masks for the amygdala and insula with the following command:
whereami -mask_atlas_region TT_Daemon:left:amygdala
-prefix Lamygdala

Then, for other regions, such as the nucleus accumbens and brodmann areas, I cannot get AFNI to create the masks despite using a similar command.

I am unsuccessful in creating masks for the nucleus accumbens and BA regions with the following commands:
whereami -mask_atlas_region TT_Daemon:left:nucleus accumbens
-prefix LNAcc

whereami -mask_atlas_region TT_Daemon:left:Brodmann area 25
-prefix LBA25

These return areas asking to specify the cod (e.g. code 346 for left nucleus accumbens), and I try to put in the code provided for the region–yet I still receive errors. I have tried different variations of with and without spaces as well as capitalizations.

Would someone mind assisting me with the command for these regions that keep failing–the nucleus accumbens, Brodmann areas? Or, would someone point me to a resource to consult so that I can correctly specify the input/names for these regions?

Thanks so much, and I appreciate any help!!

I think the spaces are throwing off your commands. Try using an underscore:

whereami -mask_atlas_region TT_Daemon:left:nucleus_accumbens -prefix LNAcc 

whereami -mask_atlas_region TT_Daemon:left:Brodmann_area_25 -prefix BA25


Thanks so much!! The underscores work!!!