creating high-resolution tiff or bmp images

I am trying to create images from afni displays for publication. No matter what file type I chose (tiff, jpg, bmp), I always end up with a 72 pixels/inch resolution, which is too blurry and looks nothing like what afni shows. Is there a way to get higher resolution (300 pixels/inch) picture files?
Thanks for any tips,

When you save an image with the “Sav1” button, the popup has a field labeled “Blowup”. This is a factor by which to expand the image. So set this to 4 or 5, and the image will be saved with 4 (or 5) times as many pixels in each direction.

However, to set the pixels per inch parameter in the saved image file header, if that is needed, you’ll have to load the image file into some external editor program that lets you change such parameters (for example, gimp or PhotoShop or Preview on the Mac). There are also websites to do such things, but I’ve not tried them.