Crab monkeys and rhesus monkeys

Hello, I see that NMT map is based on rhesus monkeys. What I want to ask is that I have some data of cynomolgus monkeys. I want to use NMT template to register my data of cynomolgus monkeys, and then make morphological analysis. Is this ok, or do I have to use the map of cynomolgus monkeys? thank you

It's probably okay based on just a quick look in the past at the crab monkeys. What kind of morphological analysis are you planning on doing?

Thank you for your reply. I intend to have two methods. One is to map macaque data from NMT to CHARM by AFNI registration, and then calculate the volume based on voxels for analysis. The other is to use civet-macaque software to analyze the surface area, cortical thickness and volume based on vertex data. I wonder if this is feasible?
Thank you very much for your reply.

I assume you mean to warp the CHARM atlas to the native space using @animal_warper's default output. That should work. Cortical thickness can be determined volumetrically using our tools @measure_... or with @thickness_suite or with 3dDepthMap and project double the maximumt t. You can compare with Civet.