compiling AFNI on mac os 15.5 with macports


I've been having trouble building SUMA on mac os 14.5 with macports. The solution is trivial and I've resolved it but it will likely reoccur when I next run git pull on the afni repo.

Specifically, the issue is in SUMA/SUMA_input.c around line 4235 with the reference to PATH_MAX. The compile fails because the compiler has no such symbol. The solution I found is to add

#ifdef __APPLE__ && __MACH__
#include <sys/syslimits.h>

at line 4 in SUMA/SUMA_input.c

Do you guys not run into this problem when you build with Homebrew?

Just FYI, I've been building from source on mac os since 2021 when I got an Apple Silicon mac and no precompoiled packages were available for the architecture at the time. I took one of the homebrew Makefiles, changed the paths for macports and went from there. I've not looked back since. Any time I wanted to update AFNI, I simply did

cd afni
git pull
cd src
make vastness

Wait a while I I got a compiled AFNI. That is until recently. I don't know what's changed but for some reason PATH_MAX is no longer defined by the chain of #includes.