combining features of 3ddot and 3dLocalstat?

Hi AFNI experts,
I am wondering if there is a convenient way of doing spatial correlation (3ddot feature) in a moving “search light” spot (3dLocalstat feature). Namely, to make the “-mask” option of 3ddot spatially dynamic. I know the dumbest way would be to create a bunch of masks and loop through them with a bunch of 3ddot, but it is always the best to consult AFNI geniuses here first.

Thank you so much!

Does @radial_correlate do what you want?

Thank you Daniel!
@radial_correlate does correlation in temporal domain while I want to do correlation in spatial domain. Or, I want to see if two spatial patterns (intensity distribution in space) are correlated.

I figure that I can split my process into 2 steps: (1) to use “3dLocalstat -list” to convert spatial patters into temporal patterns; and then (2) to use 3dTcorrelate to get my local correlation.