colour bars

I included some brain images in a publication which show “heatmaps”. However, we got a reviewer comment asking for color-bars to make it easier to interpret effect size or show “across contrasts, what does a particular shade of yellow mean”. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding how we can do this?


What colorbar are you using? You can get an image file of each one from the AFNI GUI by opening the GUI, turning on the overlay, selecting the colorbar you want, and then right-click on the “Olay” above the colorbar. Select “Save pbar to image” (where pbar = cbar = colorbar, and “p” stands for “palette”, I think).

Alternatively, every colorbar is available here:
(well, except I still need to add googleturbo, I think). Just click on it to dowload.


Perfect! Thank you so much :slight_smile: