Cluster Explorer question

Hello all,

I wanted to try my luck with the Cluster Explorer tool, but the program is complaining about my dataset history, it says it does not have “intact history”.

Error: LME_Food_vs_Cont_NoGo_SS0_4bl_noCC2330314854_v2+tlrc does not have an intact history!
Are you sure it is DIRECTLY from 3dttest++, 3dMVM, or 3dLME?

I used 3dLME (2 groups x 4 blocks) for the analysis that I ran from within the folder where all my subject’s GLM are located; so paths should not be a problem

Here’s the commands I used and the contents of file All_My_Subj_2.csv
-StatDSET LME_Food_vs_Cont_NoGo_SS0_4bl_noCC2330314854_v2+tlrc
-MeanBrik 3
-ThreshBrik 3
-SubjDSET All_My_Subj.nii.gz
-SubjTable All_My_Subj_2.csv
-master /usr/local/fsl/data/standard/MNI152_T1_1mm_brain.nii

CC03 CC03_decon_4blocks_SS0+tlrc[23] CC03_decon_4blocks_SS0+tlrc[23]
CC03 CC03_decon_4blocks_SS0+tlrc[25] CC03_decon_4blocks_SS0+tlrc[25]
CC03 CC03_decon_4blocks_SS0+tlrc[27] CC03_decon_4blocks_SS0+tlrc[27]
CC03 CC03_decon_4blocks_SS0+tlrc[29] CC03_decon_4blocks_SS0+tlrc[29]
CC05 CC05_decon_4blocks_SS0+tlrc[23] CC05_decon_4blocks_SS0+tlrc[23]
CC05 CC05_decon_4blocks_SS0+tlrc[25] CC05_decon_4blocks_SS0+tlrc[25]
CC05 CC05_decon_4blocks_SS0+tlrc[27] CC05_decon_4blocks_SS0+tlrc[27]
CC60 CC60_decon_4blocks_SS0+tlrc[29] CC60_decon_4blocks_SS0+tlrc[29]

And here’s the 3dinfo of All_My_Subj.nii.gz

++ 3dinfo: AFNI version=AFNI_18.1.14 (May 15 2018) [64-bit]

Dataset File: All_My_Subj.nii.gz
Identifier Code: XYZ_89JpcVD_X0qoaSfwH91V_g Creation Date: Thu Jun 28 14:56:09 2018
Template Space: MNI
Dataset Type: Echo Planar (-epan)
Byte Order: LSB_FIRST {assumed} [this CPU native = LSB_FIRST]
Storage Mode: NIFTI
Storage Space: 170,035,200 (170 million [mega]) bytes
Geometry String: “MATRIX(3,0,0,-90,0,-3,0,126,0,0,3,-72):60,72,60”
Data Axes Tilt: Plumb
Data Axes Orientation:
first (x) = Right-to-Left
second (y) = Posterior-to-Anterior
third (z) = Inferior-to-Superior [-orient RPI]
R-to-L extent: -90.000 [R] -to- 87.000 [L] -step- 3.000 mm [ 60 voxels]
A-to-P extent: -87.000 [A] -to- 126.000 [P] -step- 3.000 mm [ 72 voxels]
I-to-S extent: -72.000 [I] -to- 105.000 [S] -step- 3.000 mm [ 60 voxels]
Number of time steps = 164 Time step = 1.00000s Origin = 0.00000s
– At sub-brick #0 ‘CC03’ datum type is float: -1.24247 to 2.89714
– At sub-brick #1 ‘CC03’ datum type is float: -1.53651 to 1.90413
– At sub-brick #2 ‘CC03’ datum type is float: -1.25677 to 1.51855

– At sub-brick #163 ‘CC60’ datum type is float: -6.76448 to 3.25677

Thanks for any help