@chauffeur_afni results in netpbm error

Hello AFNI gurus,

I am running into errors using @chauffeur_afni. This comes up when I run the TORTOISE pipeline, and @chauffeur_afni is called. The error message is:
** ERROR: pnmcat pbmtext pamstretch pbmtopgm – not found in path – program fails

(This doesn’t crash TORTOISE, it just doesn’t produce the QA folder it says it should, so it’s not a particularly vital error) I get the same message if I run @chauffeur_afni without TORTOISE. The apparent problem is that netpbm is missing. I’m running macOS 10.13.4 (High Sierra). The IT person in our group has been looking into this for a bit and running into lots and lots of problems trying to install netpbm on this OS (and probably spent far more time on it than was warranted by the size of the problem). Have you seen this before? Is there another way to make @chauffeur_afni work?


Hi, Meghan-

Yep, that is doable to install. Please see either of these posts: