CHARM ROIs per hemisphere

I am wondering how to access the CHARM atlas ROIs per hemisphere.
Is there an example available somewhere or could be posted here?
Thank you!

Hi, Caspar-

There is a such a version coming, which will hopefully be available soon… it is possible for you to split them separately with 3dcalc, say, but I think it would make a lot of sense to wait a couple days for the “official” version. Is that kind of time scale OK?


Yes, I can wait. Thank you!

Is there already an update on the bilateral ROIs?
Thank you,


It still is in the last phase of checking… It’s complicated a bit by being integrated a bit with another project (SARM), so coordinating a couple properties involves extra discussions+checking…

Sorry for the delay.


“being integrated a bit with another project (SARM)”

Does this mean that they will be combined into FARM (Full hierarchical Atlas of the Rhesus Monkey brain) at some point? That could be useful!

An animal FARM would be a bit Orwellian. I was actually hoping for “SCHwARMa”, but I have been outvoted.

Whatever the name will be, is there a plan when the name would be available?

I was wondering whether there is any update on this?
If not, would it be possible to post info on other solutions to hemisphere-specific labels?

Apart from the entertaining discussion about the name of these atlases, I was wondering whether the hemisphere-specific ROIs will be made available any time soon (last update on that here on the message board was in January). If not, would you mind posting instructions on how to split the existing ROIs in CHARM?
Thank you very much!

I have pinged the folks who are working on this atlas ROI splitting (and simultaneous atlas merging, putting the CHARM+SARM atlases together, as there were a couple spots that overlapped). I will let you know what they report back…