Can't find 3dFourier

AFNI version info (afni -ver): AFNI version=AFNI_23.3.12 (Dec 7 2023)
Ubuntu version info: Linux, Ubuntu 18.04

Hello, I have a short question related to the 3dFourier.
I downloaded the AFNI following the instructions here:

However, when I tried to run the code, I could find the message that '3dFourier: command not found'.
When I checked the folder, which includes the overall related files, I couldn't find the '3dFourier'.
Also, I download the '3dFourier.c' from the afni_src, etc., and put it into the folder, but it is not operating.
In addition to that, I tired to convert the '3dFourier.c' into exe. because I thought it was slightly different compared to other existing modules. However, it requires some other code files, and there are missing '.c' files that I can't find in the 'src' folder from GitHub (

In this case, how can I get the proper 3dFourier file?

Thank you for reading.


We retired that program from distribution in 2020, as it was no longer the most modern program in the distribution for doing its job: you should use 3dBandpass instead.

The list of retired programs is one section of the Classified Program list---that is, a list of pretty much all AFNI programs classified into categories to help users find things.


Also, 3dTproject might be very useful, if projection of signals is the goal.

  • rick