@auto_tlrc fails


I received the following error below while preprocessing using the afniproc script.

Warping used up maximum iterations of 137
Convergence might not have
been reached.
Doubling number of iterations

++ 3drename: AFNI version=AFNI_17.0.09 (Feb 10 2017) [64-bit]
++ THD_rename_dataset_files: rename __ats_tmp__reg_warpdriveout+orig.HEAD → __ats_tmp__reg_warpdriveout_maxed_iters+orig.HEAD
++ THD_rename_dataset_files: rename __ats_tmp__reg_warpdriveout+orig.BRIK → __ats_tmp__reg_warpdriveout_maxed_iters+orig.BRIK
++ 3dWarpDrive: AFNI version=AFNI_17.0.09 (Feb 10 2017) [64-bit]
++ Authored by: RW Cox
RMS[0] = 65.2989 53.6398 ITER = 274/274

Warping used up maximum iterations
even after doubling number of iterations to 274.
Convergence might not have been reached.

If you find the alignment poor, try
rerunning the script with a transform
type of fewer parameters (-xform) or by using
an even higher number of iterations (-maxite).
You can also choose to continue with the
current result (dset: __ats_tmp__reg_warpdriveout+orig
by using the option: -OK_maxite

Script will stop …

#**ERROR Failed in affine step
** ERROR - script failed
3dbucket: No match.

I referenced the thread (link below) for help, and I completed the following steps:


@Align_Centers -base TT_N27+tlrc. anatFile
2) Copy afniproc preprocessing script from Data/SCRIPTS/NTHS_Scripts to the subject’s directory folder
3) edit the afniproc script: change giant to -ginormous_move
4) run that script
5) when it creates the subject-specific script, edit that so it reflects the following:
-align_centers yes placed under align_epi_anat.py in subject’s script
6) I also specified in the script that the anat should be the shft files.

However, it still did not run. :frowning: Could you please advise?


Cindy Kiefer

Not sure what the problem is. If you did the @Align_Centers first, then you shouldn’t need the -align_centers or the -ginormous_move options. You can specify the -OK_maxite option for @auto_tlrc. If you would like, I can take a look if you upload some data. I’ll PM you with instructions.

With your data, I found that adding the recommended option in the output worked fine. I used these options with
@auto_tlrc -OK_maxite -maxite 40 …