Atlas TT N27 EZ ML in AFNI directory

Hello all,

We are interested in using the TT N27 EZ ML atlas to extract ROIs in AFNI, however for some reason we don’t see this atlas when loading AFNI “the normal way”, we do see “TT_Daemon” but not TT N27 EZ ML or several other atlases. If we move into the /usr/local/abin directory we do see them however.

Does anyone else have this problem or know of how to get those atlases into our “main” AFNI program so that we can extract ROIs from several other atlases?


“whereami -show_atlases” should show all the atlases AFNI programs can use. The ML atlas is the macro-label atlas from the Eickhoff-Zilles Anatomy Toolbox. The 1.8 version of the atlas should be included in the output of the whereami command and in the GUI in both TLRC and in MNI_ANAT space. The previous version was 1.3, but still included in the binary distribution for backward compatibility with user scripts, but we should probably take it out now.