Animal_warper takes a long time to process.

Hello, everyone
When I used Animal_warper before, it usually took about 2 hours. But I don't know why it's been running for nearly six hours now and it's not over yet. It has been stuck in the position shown in the figure. If anyone can give me an answer, I will be very grateful.


Is this for a different subject? The runtime can indeed vary, but within a given protocol it is often fairly similar. Things that can change it are if the coordinate origin is very different (and far from central in the brain); if there is a lot of extra (i.e., non-brain) stuff in the FOV; if the resolution is increased; or more.

You can check the QC images as they are made to see if it appears to be lost in a local minimum, and to see if the initial overlap or matching is not good.

The underlying 3dQwarp and 3dAllineate programs are inherently parallelized, to run using multiple CPUs via OpenMP. So, if you move to a different computer, you might want to make sure that your computer resources are similar or not shrunk. See this AFNI Academy video about using multiple CPUs and checking resources.