Align two sets of EPI and Anat


We have a participant who completed an anatomical, 2 epi runs and then unfortunately, had to be removed from the scanner. Shortly after, the participant went back in to complete the remaining 3 runs and completed another anatomical.

I was wondering whether there is a way to salvage and possibly use this data? Can I average the two anatomical scans and align all the functional runs to this average anatomical scan? Alternatively, can I align the remaining 3 runs to the first anatomical scan using the “-ginormous_move” or “-align_centers” option?

Thank you very much.

The choice of the anatomical is up to you. While it often works better to use an anatomical dataset from the same session, it is not absolutely necessary. If you do use a dataset from another session, then use “-giant_move” or “-ginormous_move” to accommodate a larger translation and rotation between sessions.