@Align_Centers output problem

Hi, List experts,

I attempted to do the “@Align_Centers” step to shift the center of both anatomical and functional data. However, I only get one output for the anatomical’s. In detail, my script goes below (anatomical: Sub01_MP; functional :Sub01_EP)

@Align_Centers -base …/TT_N27+tlrc.
-dset Sub01_MP+orig -child Sub01_EP

I only get the output, Sub01_MP_shft+orig.BRIK/HEAD, without the Sub01_EP_shft+orig.BRIK/HEAD

So it means that my functional data were not shifted/aligned. Any good pointers for me?

Thanks so much,

I believe the child dataset should have the full name of the dataset, and not just the prefix.

Thanks, your suggestion is correct!!!