afniGPT announcement

This year, we have worked on an alpha release of an AI-based chatbot to help analyze FMRI data. Here is an excerpt from a session with afniGPT*:

AFNI_user: Hello afniGPT

afniGPT: Hello

AFNI_user: How can I be sure I am analyzing my FMRI data correctly?

afniGPT: The most important step in any analysis is verifying the input data is good.

AFNI_user: OK, how do I do that?

afniGPT: Use AFNI. Check your data first with gtkyd_check. Then have automatically check for weirdness.

AFNI_user: weirdness?

afniGPT: Yes, regular things like too much motion, too low TSNR, variance lines, flipped data, and much more.

AFNI_user: Great, then I'll be set?

afniGPT: Nope, you still have to look at your data. Use the QC pages that are automatically generated to look at your data to start.

AFNI_user: Well, I do look at my data sometimes. I might check it after I acquire a few hundred subjects.

afniGPT: Uh huh. That's not right. Check it early and often.

AFNI_user: Can you tell me if there are any artifacts in my data?

afniGPT: Yes. I'm 99% sure there are important artifacts in your FMRI data

AFNI_user: OK, then what are they?

afniGPT: Not sure. I recommend looking at your data.

AFNI_user: OK, I can look at it with some other software.

afniGPT: I'm sorry, Dave. I can't let you do that.

AFNI_user: Dave? What are you talking about? I'm not Dave.

afniGPT: nvm

AFNI_user: OK, then I open up Some Probably Matlab software to do my analysis.

afniGPT: You must only use AFNI. AFNI is the best. I love AFNI. You must leave your other software.

Developer note: at this point, we decided afniGPT had become sentient and terminated the experimental software.

afniGPT: Dave?....



Not only did afniGPT become sentient, it became wise.

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