Hi, afni team,
I performed an experiment about watching horror movies repeatedly, I want to know how the network changes second time, so I chose the amygdala as a seed, next I calculated the functional connectivity in the whole brain based voxel, then I has carried on the t test to two networks, now I want to use afni + suma to make my results more beautiful, that is to say, I want to flat the cerebral cortex, so that I can better mark on it. However, I am a newbird, I have trouble finishing it, so I need your professional advice.


I’m not completely clear what you want to do. You can project values from the volume to a surface using 3dVol2Surf. There is some discussion in the class documentation for SUMA here.

The suma and afni programs can talk to each other, so volumetric data can be displayed on the surface. By default, that’s just where the surface node intersects a voxel, but you can control that with the Vol2Surf plugin. You can mark regions on the surface the ROI tool in suma.