AFNI QC for preprocessed data


I have preprocessed my data with fmriprep, and now I want to use AFNI for my preprocessed data to the QC results. I was wondering whether there exists a minimal AFNI code to do the QC and get the resting state networks, without running the whole preprocessing procedure.

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The APQC HTML is built up from a dictionary of items that knows the names of. When fMRIPrep is run, it covers the set of intermediate files created by the typical first few blocks of; since those aren't created by, it doesn't know the names of things to store, so those are not part of the APQC HTML. The several remaining blocks like mask, scale and regress that runs are able to accumulate items into the APQC HTML (though, some items involve combinations of earlier items, too).

At some point, it should be possible to integrate at least some of the fMRIPrep set of outputs in the APQC HTML. It is on the to-do list.