with Dicoms && with Ubuntu 20.04 (PyQt4?)


Goal(s): I am trying to process resting state dicoms with (specifically example 11), but am having trouble figuring out how to get it going.

What I have: For each subject i have Dicoms of both resting state data, and of T1 data.

Computer: Ubuntu 20.04

What I have tried:
(1) dcm_2niix_afni (to convert files to NIFTI)
– unsure what to do after that (or if that is needed)

(2) -ask_me
– Error: missing input some -dsets* option is required

(3) -dsets filefromdcm_2niix_afni.nii -ask_me
–Errors out with:

----- requesting '-subj_id' option

    The subject identifier is used in the processing director
    name, as well as names of datasets which are created.

++ please enter a subject ID: Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/keith/abin/", line 4325, in <module>
    rv = run_proc()
  File "/home/keith/abin/", line 4301, in run_proc
    rv, proc = make_proc()
  File "/home/keith/abin/", line 4269, in make_proc
    if proc.create_blocks():
  File "/home/keith/abin/", line 2200, in create_blocks
    if ask_me.ask_me_subj_proc(self):
  File "/home/keith/abin/afnipy/", line 50, in ask_me_subj_proc
    word = read_one_word('++ please enter a subject ID: ')
  File "/home/keith/abin/afnipy/", line 282, in read_one_word
    words = string.split(sys.stdin.readline())
AttributeError: module 'string' has no attribute 'split'

(4) Using GUI to help me figure it out:
– Errors with:

**** failed to import PyQt4.QtGui ****

   PyQt4 must be installed to run the GUI
   --> see the output of: -help_install

– With Ubuntu 20.04 I have not yet found a successful way to install PyQt4 (sudo apt-get install PyQt4 fails, so does python-qt4)
– Is there a workaround to that, or some other way to install PyQt4 successfully on 20.04? I feel if I could use, I would perhaps have an easier time figuring it out).

Thank you!