modify for resting state.

Hi there,

I have resting-state fMRI images for children data and wanted to preprocess them using the code. However, I was getting really confused as to which example I should follow since there’s about 7 examples for resting state. It got really overwhelming, with a lot of technical detail, so I was hoping to get some insight into which example might best suite my application.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Could you tell us about the data that was collected?
Was there any physiological data collected with the scans?
Thanks, Justin

To expand on Justin’s post a little, some of the details to provide might include:

  • voxel reasolution, TR
  • num runs, time points per run
  • multi-echo?
  • distortion correction data? (e.g. blip up/down)
  • physiological data
  • are you planning to incorporate FreeSurfer, possibly for ROIs
  • expected atlas to use for results
  • are subjects prone to motion?
  • do you plan to band pass?
  • is non-linear template registration desirable?


  • rick