AFNI on RHEL 8.8

Hello - we are running AFNI on a Red Hat 7.9 server and will soon be required to update to RHEL 8 (likely 8.8). This will be an in-place upgrade, and I want to see if you know anyone that's done this and what the potential issues may be with AFNI, since I can't find any instructions for anything besides RHEL 7.
Thank you.


We have a pre-built package for Rocky 8, that could possibly be installed using:

@update.afni.binaries -package linux_rocky_8.tgz

And there are yum/dnf requirements (for a build machine) in OS_notes.linux_rocky_8.txt

I would hope that Red Hat 8 would match Rocky 8 in that regard. Please let me know how it goes when you get to it.

  • rick