AFNI iPad Pro (IOS 16.2)

I see that AFNI is available on Mac OS X, but I don’t see an IOS version. I have a IPad Pro and would like to download AFNI so I can mask lesions and draw ROI’s with my Apple Pencil. Is there a version that will work on the iPad?


AFNI does not run natively on iOS including iPads and iPhones, but there a few options.

  1. Run on a Mac and extend display to iPad. You can use the “pen” button to draw.

  2. Use afni remotely with an X11 server (Mocha) or a VNC server (Mocha-VNC).

  3. NiiVue ROI drawing demo. This is a web-based Javascript application that works on all kinds of devices. We have been collaborating with Taylor Hanayik and Chris Rorden on its development.

  4. Brainbox. Collaborative, web-based software for drawing regions.

Other ways to draw with a stylus.

  1. Use a compatible stylus on a touchscreen of a compatible laptop (Linux / Windows with WSL)

  2. Use a Wacom Cintiq external touchscreen display