AFNI GUI frame jittering with most recent binaries

Hello AFNI gurus, we (in the LBC) are having some issues viewing functional overlays with the AFNI GUI, following the latest update (May 30th). When scrolling through a statistical overlay, the AFNI GUI is very sluggish and the scale bar seems to be constantly flickering, which makes accessing the data painfully slow. We thought this might be a network issue, but the problem persists on data accessed through the desktop as well. Multiple users also had this problem when using MacOS and Linux binaries as well. However, Kevin was able to roll us back to the May 23rd version, which seemed to fix the problem. So we’re assuming this is an issue with the most recent update. Has anyone else experienced this?

Yeah, there is a new problem on Macs with the threshold bar.

Bob put in a fix into the latest build of AFNI (June 3, I believe)-- so you can get that one. The jittering will be gone.

What will happen sometimes is that the threshold bar will shrink to about 50% size or so; the “Thr” at the top of the threshold bar has now been turned into a button-- left clicking on it will put the threshold slider bar back to its full size (rightclicking on it still has its usual menu of options).

This has been a weird annoyance via motif on Macs; we are teaching a Bootcamp this week, so the ability to focus on this new “feature” has been short, hence the quick fix. There might be another fix rolling out later/in the nearish future, but teaching+OHBM duties will probably cause some delay in this.


This effect is some annoying bug in OpenMotif and its management of the neighboring widgets that make up the threshold slider and the colorscale bar. I have tried to patch over this problem several times, but for some reason the patch started causing trouble with a recent AFNI build. I simplified the patch, as Paul described above, and Rick did an emergency build Monday night to push this change out. The downside is that at some point you will have to manually fix the threshold slider size by left-clicking on “Thr”.

I will continue to try to make this problem less visible, but it has bothered me for years, and I’m about ready to scream.

Thanks for the update! I will try out the June 3rd build.