AFNI easter egg, of a sort!

hi all (esp. Bob)

Yesterday I noticed that every time I started AFNI the same photo appeared on the splash screen. A look through the source code revealed what was going on. It was a nice distraction from working. I don’t know if this has been mentioned on the list before, but I won’t spoil the “fun” for anyone else. Though maybe Ramon y Cajal could be added? Broca maybe?


Gee, I don’t know how that got in there (:P)

I’ve got my guesses…who knows what other hidden joys are to be found in the source code?


Opening AFNI and hitting p on your keyboard pops up poems. Keep hitting p and you get more and more of them.
If you click on the AFNI button which pops up images, typing any of the letters d,f,x,b, w, e, t, y u, o, i (probably more of them work) pops up random quotes.
Typing the letter f from the main screen opens all of the images or people who worked on AFNI plus their pets and other random stuff.