AFNI Documentation Help Pages Not Loading


I am trying to look at the help pages for some of the AFNI Group Analysis Programs (3dMEMA, 3dMVM, 3dLMEr, 3dMSS, etc) and instead of any documentation just getting this message:

"Error in library(data.table) : there is no package called ‘data.table’
Calls: source ... suppressPackageStartupMessages -> withCallingHandlers -> library"

Are these pages down?


EDIT: I was able to get the pages to load when searching for them through the Quick Search. However, when I try to access them through the "4. All Program Helps" section, I still get the aforementioned issue.

Hi @brainboi. I just saw this, sorry. It should be fixed now, thanks for letting us know!

  • rick

I can confirm it's fixed! Thank you, Rick.