A Hierarchical Atlas

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Hi friends. I will soon manually categorize the regions in the “Eickhoff-Zilles macro labels from N27 in Talairach TT_N27 space” (AFNI_atlas_spaces.niml) available with AFNI. I will categorize them into superordinate categories (e.g., default-mode network). I prefer using these regions rather than functionally defined regions because the anatomy has fewer assumptions in my mind, there are several other networks I want (e.g., subcortical networks) besides the seven or so standard intrinsic connectivity networks, and I can analyze my data both using the superordinate categories and the nested subordinate regions.

I checked the resources on page 17 of the AFNI atlas slides ([AFNI Academy] Atlases and Templates Intro) and other resources. I did a Google and Pubmed search for “hierarchical AND human AND brain AND atlas.” All with no clear results. Has someone done this already specifically for this atlas?



P.S.: Where can I find the slides in “[AFNI Academy] Atlases and Templates Intro”? The corresponding .pdf file in
seems to be older.

There is some of the documentation here:


Let me know if that’s not the latest one. I should be able to find it…

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Hi. How have you been? That does not seem to have the same slides as in the video, specifically Slide 17 with the website resources. I also checked
with the same result.

Hi Dante,
I’ve been good.

Sorry about the missing PDF. I think this is the one you have been looking for.


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