3dWarp -tta2mni: -newgrid doesn't seem to work

Hello (Glen?)

In trying to convert a dataset from TTA to MNI, it seems that the option -newgrid does not actually change the voxel size of the output dataset (with respect to the input dataset), using the command

3dWarp -tta2mni -newgrid 2 -prefix data_mni data_tta+tlrc

Is there any special caveat to the usage of the option that I am not aware of?

thanks for any comments!


It looks like the dimension was ignored when the transformation was applied. I’ve fixed that so it should work in the future. You can work around this with a 3dresample step or a gridset option dataset with 2mm voxels.

Grazie mille!

Hello Daniel,

(in my last post I wrote Glen, but I meant Dan! blame it on the euphony :slight_smile:

grazie mille a te, for the instant fix!