3dtetst++ results

Hello AFNI friends

I am very confused with a result that I had from 3dttest++. According to the CSimA.NN3_bisided.1D table, I set the voxel the in the GUI to 0.05, the minimal cluster size should be >22925 voxels to be significant , which corresponds to p < 0.05 corrected, so I click in clusterize change the NN3 and set the cluster size to 22925 and nothing survived …BUT if I change the voxel thr in the GUI to 0.01, and according to the same table the cluster size should be >511 voxels to be significant, so I click in clusterize and set the new cluster size to 511, NN3 then I have a cluster that is surviving this threshold that is more stringent than 0.05.

this make sense???

Here is the 3dttest++ command that I am running

3dttest++ -mask AFNI_GCmask_MNI152_2009_resample.nii
-prefix GriefvsHC_AFNI_Mask_noCov
-prefix_clustsim GriefvsHC_AFNI_Mask_noCov
-tempdir /rcc/stor1/projects/GerDep/Brianna/results/Luisa/temp
-Clustsim 24
-setA Grief
172 /rcc/stor1/projects/GerDep/Brianna/Grief/172_120916/ASL_CBF_2MNI_6mm_172_120916.nii
xxx (more subjects)
-setB HC
198 /rcc/stor1/projects/GerDep/Brianna/Grief/198_120916/ASL_CBF_2MNI_6mm_198_120916.nii

Thank you!