3dTcorrelate Spearman p-values


I’m attempting to use 3dTcorrelate to obtain Spearman correlation values for the relationship between parents’ and children’s responses during a task condition. I first used 3dTcat to put each subject’s values into sample datasets (‘parent_sample_17dyads+tlrc’ and ‘youth_sample_17dyads+tlrc’). I then ran the following command:

3dTcorrelate -spearman -polort -1 -prefix parent_youth_spearman_corr_3dtcorr1d_17dyads parent_sample_17dyads+tlrc youth_sample_17dyads+tlrc

The results seem to make sense, but the only problem is the output does not provide p-values. It just says “[N/A]” below the slider. This doesn’t happen when I use the default Pearson method. I tried using the ‘-automask’ option, but for some reason that doesn’t seem to work on my data. It actually tends to mask out the brain.

Is significance testing not supported for Spearman values with 3dTcorrelate?

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Kara, you may try encoding some information into the header with something like

3drefit -substatpar # fico N-3 yourFile

where # is the sub-brick number for the correlation and N is the number of datasets in the input.

Hi Gang,

Thanks for your help. I tried the following command:

3drefit -substatpar 0 fico 14 parent_youth_spearman_corr_3dtcorr1d_17dyads+tlrc

But it does not seem to work. The command runs, but when I open the file everything is significant at a p-value of .005 (and I mean everything…). I also tried it with ‘31’ instead of ‘14’ because I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to enter the number of pairs for the correlation or the number of individual datasets. This doesn’t seem to help either. Is there something I am doing incorrectly? When I run the 3drefit command I get the message “changed statcode[0] to 2” but otherwise it runs just fine.

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