Hi AFNI experts,

I’m totally new in afni. I have one question about how to use 3dsynthesize. Thanks a lot!

The warning message I keep getting is:
*+WARNING: clexp_int+tlrc[0] scale to shorts mean misfit error =12.4% – *caution
… …
*+WARNING: clexp_int+tlrc[1] scale to shorts mean misfit error =10.6% – *caution
… …

My script is:
3dsynthesize -matrix X.xmat.1D -cbucket all_betas.clexp+tlrc -select baseline -prefix stuffNo
3dcalc -a all_runs.clexp+tlrc -b stuffNo+tlrc -expr ‘a-b’ -prefix clexp_int
3dcalc -a all_betas.clexp+tlrc’[0]’ -b clexp_int+tlrc’[0-169]’ -expr ‘a+b’ -prefix clexp_all1
3dcalc -a all_betas.clexp+tlrc’[4]’ -b clexp_int+tlrc’[170-339]’ -expr ‘a+b’ -prefix clexp_all2

Thanks a lot in advance.


Regarding the scale to shorts warnings, there have been some posts in the past that have addressed this warning like this one: