3dROIstats Subbrick label

Hello all,

when running 3dROIstats, I receive strange sub brick labels. I have not specified anything in the scripts (see attached script), so it should just be 0. Especially, the labels are different than the condition at hand and even vary within one file (see attached output file) that should represent activations for only one condition.

I know the sub brick label is not specifically relevant, but I am concerned that it draws data from the wrong files and that therefore my entire results would be incorrect.

I went through several previous scripts and files, but could not find the source for this.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Best wishes,

Hi Leonie,

Note that you should be able to copy-and-paste text into the
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The label comes from the input dataset, and I agree that there
is likely a problem with the way the datasets were generated.
For example, run 3dinfo on the first 2, one with label Recall.E.,
and the other with label Recall.C.:

3dinfo percent.cs.and.auc/104.Recall.e.e.5.%AUC.blur+tlrc
3dinfo percent.cs.and.auc/106.Recall.e.e.5.%AUC.blur+tlrc

They presumably show different labels (and histories), and
that should help you see what happened, or why they differ.

  • rick

Dear Rick,

thanks for your help. In case others run into this issue, the mistake laid in one of my scripts changing the date of the files, but not the content of previously incorrectly labelled conditions.

Best wishes,

I am glad that you were able to resolve it!

  • rick