I am using 3dReHo to look at specific ROIs but instead of using the inROIs option, I used the ROI as the mask:

3dReHo -mask /macaque_atlas_final/ROIs/dlPFC_rs.nii -inset anaticor_warp2std+tlrc -prefix ReHo_dlPFC

Is this a correct way of obtaining ReHo information? For this ROI, dlPFC, I get a range of numbers across animals that makes sense. When I use hippocampus as an ROI, however, all the values are coming up as 1 for every subject. Half of the animals have hippocampal lesions so I’m confused why all animals have the same result for the hippocampal ROI.



Hi, Sharyn-

Offhand, I’m not sure. I sent you upload instructions via the MessageBoard PM, and I can take a look.


Thanks Paul - It’s uploading now. Please ignore the PMs where I completely ignored the log in information you provided :sunglasses: