3dMVM model failure

Hi there, I am running a group analysis using 3dMVM with 2 between-subjects factors (Group (4 levels) and Sex (2 levels)), two within-subjects factors (Run (2 levels) and Context (2 levels) ) and one quantitative covariate (age). I have 191 total subjects in four groups (Ns = 92, 39, 44, 16). I'm encountering the following error (and I've checked that R packages displayed in the error message are installed:


Attached is my code:

3dMVM -prefix DSMxContext \
-mask saccade_mask+tlrc \
-bsVars 'Grp*Sex+Age' \
-wsVars 'Run*Context' \
-qVars 'Age' \
-dataTable \
Subj Grp Sex Run Context Age InputFile \
s1 HCC M pro single 26 data/24010/24010_pro_buc_GAM+tlrc'[8]' \
s1 HCC M pro mix 26 data/24010/24010_mix_buc_GAM+tlrc'[10]' \
s1 HCC M anti single 26 data/24010/24010_anti_buc_GAM+tlrc'[8]' \
s1 HCC M anti mix 26 data/24010/24010_mix_buc_GAM+tlrc'[14]' \

s92 HCC F pro single 52 data/24565/24565_pro_buc_GAM+tlrc'[8]' \
s92 HCC F pro mix 52 data/24565/24565_mix_buc_GAM+tlrc'[10]' \
s92 HCC F anti single 52 data/24565/24565_anti_buc_GAM+tlrc'[8]' \
s92 HCC F anti mix 52 data/24565/24565_mix_buc_GAM+tlrc'[14]' \

s93 SAD M pro single 55 data/24001/24001_pro_buc_GAM+tlrc'[8]' \
s93 SAD M pro mix 55 data/24001/24001_mix_buc_GAM+tlrc'[10]' \
s93 SAD M anti single 55 data/24001/24001_anti_buc_GAM+tlrc'[8]' \
s93 SAD M anti mix 55 data/24001/24001_mix_buc_GAM+tlrc'[14]' \

s136 SAD M pro single 55 data/24242/24242_pro_buc_GAM+tlrc'[8]' \
s136 SAD M pro mix 55 data/24242/24242_mix_buc_GAM+tlrc'[10]' \
s136 SAD M anti single 55 data/24242/24242_anti_buc_GAM+tlrc'[8]' \
s136 SAD M anti mix 55 data/24242/24242_mix_buc_GAM+tlrc'[14]' \

s137 SZ F pro single 47 data/24151/24151_pro_buc_GAM+tlrc'[8]' \
s137 SZ F pro mix 47 data/24151/24151_mix_buc_GAM+tlrc'[10]' \
s137 SZ F anti single 47 data/24151/24151_anti_buc_GAM+tlrc'[8]' \
s137 SZ F anti mix 47 data/24151/24151_mix_buc_GAM+tlrc'[14]' \


s175 SZ M pro single 44 data/24177/24177_pro_buc_GAM+tlrc'[8]' \
s175 SZ M pro mix 44 data/24177/24177_mix_buc_GAM+tlrc'[10]' \
s175 SZ M anti single 44 data/24177/24177_anti_buc_GAM+tlrc'[8]' \
s175 SZ M anti mix 44 data/24177/24177_mix_buc_GAM+tlrc'[14]' \

s176 BPP F pro single 27 data/24047/24047_pro_buc_GAM+tlrc'[8]' \
s176 BPP F pro mix 27 data/24047/24047_mix_buc_GAM+tlrc'[10]' \
s176 BPP F anti single 27 data/24047/24047_anti_buc_GAM+tlrc'[8]' \
s176 BPP F anti mix 27 data/24047/24047_mix_buc_GAM+tlrc'[14]' \

S191 BPP F pro single 41 data/24205/24205_pro_buc_GAM+tlrc'[8]' \
S191 BPP F pro mix 41 data/24205/24205_mix_buc_GAM+tlrc'[10]' \
S191 BPP F anti single 41 data/24205/24205_anti_buc_GAM+tlrc'[8]' \
S191 BPP F anti mix 41 data/24205/24205_mix_buc_GAM+tlrc'[14]'

I would appreciate any insights, thank you!

Could you please share the contingency tables found in the log file?


Thank you for looking into this!

Oh I see here my mistake - I incorrectly coded two subjects for sex, causing issues. I've fixed this and it's working fine now. Thank you for suggesting to look at the contingency tables and I'm sorry for wasting your time! I really appreciate the input.

I incorrectly coded two subjects for sex, causing issues.

I'm glad to hear that you sorted it out! I was going to mention that with only two males in the BPP group, the data may not provide enough information for the model to differentiate certain effects.