3dMVM - contrasts

I’m trying to run the following script on a small sample of data but keep getting an error (Inappropriate coding in Test No.1). Can anyone help me see what I’m doing wrong?

3dMVM -prefix group_MID_anticipate_contrasts -jobs 4
-bsVars ‘Group’
-wsVars ‘IncentiveMagnitude+Outcome’
-SS_type 2
-num_glt 2
-gltLabel 1 Con_RewVsLoss -gltCode 1 'Group : 1
Control Incentive : 1Rew -1Loss’
-gltLabel 2 MDD_RewVsLoss -gltCode 2 ‘Group : 1MDD Incentive : 1Rew -1*Loss’
Subj Group Incentive Magnitude Outcome InputFile
822 Control Rew Big Win stats.s822_REML+tlrc’[13]’
822 Control Rew Big Lose stats.s822_REML+tlrc’[16]’
822 Control Rew Small Win stats.s822_REML+tlrc’[19]’
822 Control Rew Small Lose stats.s822_REML+tlrc’[22]’
822 Control Loss Big Win stats.s822_REML+tlrc’[1]’
822 Control Loss Big Lose stats.s822_REML+tlrc’[4]’
822 Control Loss Small Win stats.s822_REML+tlrc’[7]’
822 Control Loss Small Lose stats.s822_REML+tlrc’[10]’
833 Control Rew Big Win stats.s833_REML+tlrc’[13]’
833 Control Rew Big Lose stats.s833_REML+tlrc’[16]’
833 Control Rew Small Win stats.s833_REML+tlrc’[19]’
833 Control Rew Small Lose stats.s833_REML+tlrc’[22]’
833 Control Loss Big Win stats.s833_REML+tlrc’[1]’
833 Control Loss Big Lose stats.s833_REML+tlrc’[4]’
833 Control Loss Small Win stats.s833_REML+tlrc’[7]’
833 Control Loss Small Lose stats.s833_REML+tlrc’[10]’
801 MDD Rew Big Win stats.s801_REML+tlrc’[13]’
801 MDD Rew Big Lose stats.s801_REML+tlrc’[16]’
801 MDD Rew Small Win stats.s801_REML+tlrc’[19]’
801 MDD Rew Small Lose stats.s801_REML+tlrc’[22]’
801 MDD Loss Big Win stats.s801_REML+tlrc’[1]’
801 MDD Loss Big Lose stats.s801_REML+tlrc’[4]’
801 MDD Loss Small Win stats.s801_REML+tlrc’[7]’
801 MDD Loss Small Lose stats.s801_REML+tlrc’[10]’
815 MDD Rew Big Win stats.s815_REML+tlrc’[13]’
815 MDD Rew Big Lose stats.s815_REML+tlrc’[16]’
815 MDD Rew Small Win stats.s815_REML+tlrc’[19]’
815 MDD Rew Small Lose stats.s815_REML+tlrc’[22]’
815 MDD Loss Big Win stats.s815_REML+tlrc’[1]’
815 MDD Loss Big Lose stats.s815_REML+tlrc’[4]’
815 MDD Loss Small Win stats.s815_REML+tlrc’[7]’
815 MDD Loss Small Lose stats.s815_REML+tlrc’[10]’
823 MDD Rew Big Win stats.s823_REML+tlrc’[13]’
823 MDD Rew Big Lose stats.s823_REML+tlrc’[16]’
823 MDD Rew Small Win stats.s823_REML+tlrc’[19]’
823 MDD Rew Small Lose stats.s823_REML+tlrc’[22]’
823 MDD Loss Big Win stats.s823_REML+tlrc’[1]’
823 MDD Loss Big Lose stats.s823_REML+tlrc’[4]’
823 MDD Loss Small Win stats.s823_REML+tlrc’[7]’
823 MDD Loss Small Lose stats.s823_REML+tlrc’[10]’
825 MDD Rew Big Win stats.s825_REML+tlrc’[13]’
825 MDD Rew Big Lose stats.s825_REML+tlrc’[16]’
825 MDD Rew Small Win stats.s825_REML+tlrc’[19]’
825 MDD Rew Small Lose stats.s825_REML+tlrc’[22]’
825 MDD Loss Big Win stats.s825_REML+tlrc’[1]’
825 MDD Loss Big Lose stats.s825_REML+tlrc’[4]’
825 MDD Loss Small Win stats.s825_REML+tlrc’[7]’
825 MDD Loss Small Lose stats.s825_REML+tlrc’[10]’
831 MDD Rew Big Win stats.s831_REML+tlrc’[13]’
831 MDD Rew Big Lose stats.s831_REML+tlrc’[16]’
831 MDD Rew Small Win stats.s831_REML+tlrc’[19]’
831 MDD Rew Small Lose stats.s831_REML+tlrc’[22]’
831 MDD Loss Big Win stats.s831_REML+tlrc’[1]’
831 MDD Loss Big Lose stats.s831_REML+tlrc’[4]’
831 MDD Loss Small Win stats.s831_REML+tlrc’[7]’
831 MDD Loss Small Lose stats.s831_REML+tlrc’[10]’


Are Incentive, Magnitude, and Outcome 3 within-subject factors each of which has 2 levels? One possibility is that you didn’t provide enough number of subjects. In fact, there are only 2 subjects in the Control group.