3dMEMA shows no output

Dear All,

I was trying to run 3dMEMA to compare two different groups, using the following lines of code, but when I plot the output in the AFNI GUI no activation is observed:
3dMEMA -prefix G1_G2_COMPARE
-jobs 1
-groups G1 G2
-set G1
s305 stats.s305+tlrc’[7]’ stats.s305+tlrc’[8]’
s307 stats.s307+tlrc’[7]’ stats.s307+tlrc’[8]’
s308 stats.s308+tlrc’[7]’ stats.s308+tlrc’[8]’
s309 stats.s309+tlrc’[7]’ stats.s309+tlrc’[8]’
s315 stats.s315+tlrc’[7]’ stats.s315+tlrc’[8]’
s317 stats.s317+tlrc’[7]’ stats.s317+tlrc’[8]’
s319 stats.s319+tlrc’[7]’ stats.s319+tlrc’[8]’
s322 stats.s322+tlrc’[7]’ stats.s322+tlrc’[8]’
s323 stats.s323+tlrc’[7]’ stats.s323+tlrc’[8]’
s324 stats.s324+tlrc’[7]’ stats.s324+tlrc’[8]’
-set G2
s103 stats.s103+tlrc’[7]’ stats.s103+tlrc’[8]’
s107 stats.s107+tlrc’[7]’ stats.s107+tlrc’[8]’
s109 stats.s109+tlrc’[7]’ stats.s109+tlrc’[8]’
s110 stats.s110+tlrc’[7]’ stats.s110+tlrc’[8]’
s112 stats.s112+tlrc’[7]’ stats.s112+tlrc’[8]’
s113 stats.s113+tlrc’[7]’ stats.s113+tlrc’[8]’
s114 stats.s114+tlrc’[7]’ stats.s114+tlrc’[8]’
s115 stats.s115+tlrc’[7]’ stats.s115+tlrc’[8]’
s116 stats.s116+tlrc’[7]’ stats.s116+tlrc’[8]’
s117 stats.s117+tlrc’[7]’ stats.s117+tlrc’[8]’
-covariates CovFile.txt
-covariates_model center=different slope=same

I have a .txt file as the CovFile.txt containing two columns, one of them is labeled ‘name’ and contains subject IDs, and the other one is named ‘gender’ and is coded either 0 or 1. I did not use the 3dREMLfit, to obtain the coefficients and their t-stats. [7] and [8] refer to the coefficients and the t-stats for each individual.

I would be grateful if I could ask about your insight about why the output might be empty.

Thank you so much.

when I plot the output in the AFNI GUI no activation is observed

So, you do have an output from 3dMEMA, but you don’t see strong statistical evidence for activation? Have you tried 3dttest++ and compare the two results?