3dLMEr model design

Dear Gang,

I am trying to code for the first time a model in 3dlmer, and I am unsure if I am doing it correctly.

I have two conditions: Polarity and Negation, each of which has two levels. I am interested in the main effects, as well as the interaction. I also would like to decompose the interaction. This is what I have so far. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

3dLMEr	-prefix LME	-jobs 12	\
	-model	'Polarity*Negation+(1|Subj)+(1|Subj:Polarity)+(1|Subj:Negation)'	\
	-SS_type 3	\
	-gltCode	More-Less	'Polarity : 1*More -1*Less'			\
	-gltCode	None-Yes	'Negation : 1*None -1*Yes'			\
	-gltCode	More_YesvsNone	'Polarity : 1*More Negation : 1*None -1*Yes'	\
	-gltCode	Less_YesvsNone	'Polarity : 1*Less Negation : 1*None -1*Yes'	\

This is my data table that will be a text file that the script will call:

Subj	Polarity	Negation	InputFile				\
	S0010	More	None	stats.S0010_WM_4STIM_New_BLOCK5_Picture+tlrc[1]	\
	S0010	More	Yes	stats.S0010_WM_4STIM_New_BLOCK5_Picture+tlrc[4]	\
	S0010	Less	None	stats.S0010_WM_4STIM_New_BLOCK5_Picturetlrc[7]	\
	S0010	Less	Yes	stats.S0010_WM_4STIM_New_BLOCK5_Picture+tlrc[10]	\
	S0028	More	None	stats.S0028_WM_4STIM_New_BLOCK5_Picture+tlrc[1]	\
	S0028	More	Yes	stats.S0028_WM_4STIM_New_BLOCK5_Picture+tlrc[4]	\
	S0028	Less	None	stats.S0028_WM_4STIM_New_BLOCK5_Picture+tlrc[7]	\
	S0028	Less	Yes	stats.S0028_WM_4STIM_New_BLOCK5_Picture+tlrc[10]	\

Thank you so much for your help in advance.

Your 3dLMEr specifications look fine to me. Do the results make sense to you?