3dLME(r) doesn't output linear slope, just stats

Hello folks,

I am really puzzled by the output from 3dLME(r).

I basically want the slope and t-test related from my design, but the linear model outputs only one sub-brick...
My independent variable has three levels, but I want to have it as continuous (one slope as output).

Why do I only have one sub-brick in the output ?

How do I get the proper outputs from 3DLMEr ?

3dLMEr -prefix BOLD_regression_erase_me                              \
    -resid errts_BOLD_regression_erase_me  \
    -model "1+condition+(1+condition|Subj)"                        \
    -mask $mask                                           \
    -qVars "condition"                                        \
    -dataTable @$Home/GLM_model_short.1D

Subj condition InputFile
1 0 stats.subj1+tlrc.BRIK[6]"
1 1 stats.subj1+tlrc.BRIK[10]"
1 2 stats.subj1+tlrc.BRIK[14]"
N 0 stats.subjN+tlrc.BRIK[6]"
N 1 stats.subjN+tlrc.BRIK[10]"
N 2 stats.subjN+tlrc.BRIK[14]"