3dLME - post hoc test

I have run the following 3dLME script and have a question about how to look at the difference between my two groups at a particular age. From looking at plots of this data I can see that there is biggest difference in groups in the clusters I am looking at, at 18 months of age. Is the post hoc test at age 18 (gllt label 8) taking into account the model or is just doing something more like a t-test at this age?

Thank you!

3dLME -prefix EESND_Amygdala_Seed_CleanSubset_Simple_Output_8 -jobs 10
-model ‘agecondhem’
-ranEff ‘~1’
-mask /home/EESND_SeedMap_Analysis/Clust_mask_10_bin.nii.gz
-num_glt 8
-gltLabel 1 Hemisphere -gltCode 1 ‘hem : 1R -1L’
-gltLabel 2 Group -gltCode 2 ‘cond : 1mal -1ctr’
-gltLabel 3 Baseline -gltCode 3 ‘hem : 1L 1R’
-gltLabel 4 Baseline -gltCode 4 ‘hem : 1L -1R’
-gltLabel 5 3mo_group -gltCode 5 ‘age : 13mo cond : 1mal -1ctr’
-gltLabel 6 6mo_group -gltCode 6 'age : 1
6mo cond : 1mal -1ctr’
-gltLabel 7 12mo_group -gltCode 7 ‘age : 112mo cond : 1mal -1ctr’
-gltLabel 8 18mo_group -gltCode 8 'age : 1
18mo cond : 1mal -1ctr’
-dataTable Subj age cond hem InputFile