3dinfo to print all subbricks?

hi there gurus.

i'm doin some HRF analyses with fast TR data and i end up with >550 subbricks out of 3dDeconvolve. 3dinfo -nv gives me the full count but if i want to glance at their naming and values both "-verb" and "-VERB" don't print all of them and the output ends with ellipses like:

-- At sub-brick #447 'offsetcontrol#14_Tstat' datum type is...

am i missing an approach to this or is it not possible? and if the latter, would be easy for you to modify 3dinfo to print out everything? an alternate albeit hacky solution would be for me to loop across the 'hidden' subbricks and print out that info, which i will happily do if this request is too annoying / minor. thanks!


That does seem reasonable...


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If you want to see just the sub-brick labels, you can use

3dinfo -label -sb_delim \  mydset.nii.gz


3dAttribute -ssep ' ' -name BRICK_LABS  mydset.nii.gz
BRICK_LABS = Full_Fstat Vrel#0_Coef Vrel#0_Tstat Arel#0_Coef Arel#0_Tstat V-A_GLT#0_Coef V-A_GLT#0_Tstat 

Datum types can printed with

3dinfo -datum mydset.nii.gz

Does this sub-brick info cut off what you want to see?

3dinfo -subbrick_info mydset.nii.gz

3dinfo -subbrick_info mydset.nii.gz works for me!
No sub-brick cutting off. Thanks so much, Daniel, I wasn't aware of that option.