3dinfo center information

I am wondering what the information from 3dinfo -VERB that gives you the R-to-L center, A-to-P center and I-to-S center are relative to.

We are wondering if we can use this as a measure of how subject’s were from each other in the bore of the scanner. Like are they relative to the center of the bore? So it would represent the location of your FOV relative to something concrete? They seem to be consistent within a session but vary across sessions.

Stephanie McMains

Hi Stephanie,

They should be based on the extents, possibly based
on the receiver coil. They will vary across sessions
because every time a subject goes in the scanner, they
are adjusted so that the only data collected is around
the subject’s head, and not far outside.

So 0,0,0 is the center of the receiver coil, perhaps,
not necessarily of the subject’s data box.

  • rick