3dDeconvolve with variable block length


We have blocks that are not the same length for every subject.

So I was wondering if it is possible to make block-length in the 3dDeconvolve function variable, as in:

3dDeconvolve -input ${sub}-rl-norm_at+tlrc
-censor ${sub}-motion_censor.1D
-jobs 8
-polort A
-mask ${sub}-mask_at+tlrc
-concat /data/brutus_data1/home/jwaltz/ana/pessig/scripts/RLCat.1D
-num_stimts 12
-basis_normall 1
-stim_times 1 /data/brutus_data1/home/jwaltz/ana/pessig/${sub}/GAINvMISS_All_PosPE.txt ‘BLOCK(X,1)’ \

Where the specification of the block-type regressor can actually ‘d’ (duration) as a variable.

In this case, does it just make more sense to specify the regressor as a time series?


Jim Waltz

Jim, you have two options: 1) Use option ‘dmUBLOCK(-X)’, or 2) model each trial separately and handle the duration variability at the group level.