3dDeconvolve with TENT option

Dear AFNI experts,

I’m a newbie to use AFNI and try to successfully adopt this toolbox for analyzing our experimental data.
When I apply 3dDeconvolve with TENT option to event-related design, the error occurred.

First of all, the structure of our fMRI data were like bottom:
approximately 80 trials during ~10 mins
2-sec duration for each trial (with jittered inter-trial interval of 2-sec)
repetition time (TR): 1.44-sec
Total number of volume: ~420 volumes

Based on the description what I found in the Message Board, I thought the proper TENT option as TENT(0,14,9) or (0,14,10).
In my thoughts, the cause of error was due to less length of input fMRI volumes (total number of volumes) compared to that of regressors consisting of 80 trials * 9 TR grids of TENT option.

Please let me know for any alternative suggestion or solution to this error.
Thank you in advance.

Dong-Youl Kim


What error did you get? I suggest that you try TENTzero(0,14,9) to avoid potential multicollinearity issue.

I appreciate you this suggestion.

I found the explanation of difference between TENT and TENTzero at the Message Board!
I’m going to do that approach and I’ll post the message if I face the additional problems.

Thank you again.