3ddeconvolve stats output

I’m getting more than expected number of coeffs output by 3ddeconvolve, and I’m wondering why.
See a sample code below. If I understand AM2 and stim_time correctly, I should get 3 coeffs from the AM2 stim times as they have 2 rating values at each time point, and 1 coeff from regular stim times. But I’m getting 5 for AM2 stim times and 2 for regular ones and I’m wondering why this is happening? Thanks!

3dDeconvolve -input pb06.$subj.r*.scale+tlrc.HEAD
-censor censor_${subj}_combined_2.1D
-ortvec meica_orts/morts_r01.1D morts_r01
-ortvec meica_orts/morts_r02.1D morts_r02
-ortvec meica_orts/morts_r03.1D morts_r03
-ortvec meica_orts/morts_r04.1D morts_r04
-ortvec meica_orts/morts_r05.1D morts_r05
-ortvec meica_orts/morts_r06.1D morts_r06
-ortvec mot_demean.r01.1D mot_demean_r01
-ortvec mot_demean.r02.1D mot_demean_r02
-ortvec mot_demean.r03.1D mot_demean_r03
-ortvec mot_demean.r04.1D mot_demean_r04
-ortvec mot_demean.r05.1D mot_demean_r05
-ortvec mot_demean.r06.1D mot_demean_r06
-ortvec mot_deriv.r01.1D mot_deriv_r01
-ortvec mot_deriv.r02.1D mot_deriv_r02
-ortvec mot_deriv.r03.1D mot_deriv_r03
-ortvec mot_deriv.r04.1D mot_deriv_r04
-ortvec mot_deriv.r05.1D mot_deriv_r05
-ortvec mot_deriv.r06.1D mot_deriv_r06
-polort 5
-num_stimts 9
-stim_times_AM2 1 stimuli/101_Fstim_sepRating_married.1D ‘SPMG2’
-stim_label 1 Fstim
-stim_times_AM2 2 stimuli/101_Kstim_sepRating_married.1D ‘SPMG2’
-stim_label 2 Kstim
-stim_times_AM2 3 stimuli/101_Sstim_married.1D ‘SPMG2’
-stim_label 3 Sstim
-stim_times 4 stimuli/101_timing.Frating1.1D ‘SPMG2’
-stim_label 4 Frating1
-stim_times 5 stimuli/101_timing.Krating1.1D ‘SPMG2’
-stim_label 5 Krating1
-stim_times 6 stimuli/101_timing.Srating1.1D ‘SPMG2’
-stim_label 6 Srating1
-stim_times 7 stimuli/101_timing.Frating2.1D ‘SPMG2’
-stim_label 7 Frating2
-stim_times 8 stimuli/101_timing.Krating2.1D ‘SPMG2’
-stim_label 8 Krating2
-stim_times 9 stimuli/101_timing.fix.1D ‘SPMG2’
-stim_label 9 fix
-iresp 1 iresp_Fstim.$subj
-iresp 2 iresp_Kstim.$subj
-iresp 3 iresp_Sstim.$subj
-iresp 4 iresp_Frating1.$subj
-iresp 5 iresp_Krating1.$subj
-iresp 6 iresp_Srating1.$subj
-iresp 7 iresp_Frating2.$subj
-iresp 8 iresp_Krating2.$subj
-iresp 9 iresp_fix.$subj
-fout -tout -x1D X.xmat.1D -xjpeg X.jpg
-x1D_uncensored X.nocensor.xmat.1D
-fitts fitts.$subj
-errts errts.${subj}
-bucket stats.$subj


The SPMG2 basis function is a 2-parameter one, including the cardinal basis function and the derivative. That doubles all of the outputs.

  • rick

Thanks! Then are coefficients 0&1 the intensity and derivative of the timing, 2&3 the intensity and derivative of the first amplitude, etc.?

Yes, basis function sets should be packed together, including TENT function, for another example.

  • rick