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I’ve been outputting the 3dclusterize results using ‘>’ in order bring them to a text file. I was wondering if there is a way to output only the cluster numbers and not all of the extra text or format the text file differently? We are performing individual subject ROI analysis across multiple different regions which means we have many text files corresponding to a variety of motor areas and subjects. We are organizing all of the values in the excel and we are trying to find an easier way to transfer the values.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Consider the -quiet option. That will still come with progress text (lines starting with ‘++’), but such text is sent to stderr, and will not be captured by a basic ‘>’ redirect.

Does that seem like what you want?

  • rick


You can add either of these options to suppress the commented text descriptions, and only output numbers (from the 3dClusterize help):

-nosum         :Suppress printout of the totals
 -quiet         :Suppress all non-essential output

Note that even if you don’t use the -quiet option, you can use 1dcat to dump the text from a file excluding the commented stuff-- this might be my vote, because you can have an output text file with commented description, file info, etc., but still get just the numbers out from, rather than losing all that lovely descriptive info.

To just get numbers, you could do:

3dClusterize -quiet ...  > Cluster_numbers_only.1D

or, you could do this and have the best of both worlds:

3dClusterize ...  > Cluster_full_table.1D
1dcat Cluster_full_table.1D > Cluster_numbers_only.1D


This is perfect. Thanks!

Thanks, rick!

You should try the ClusterExplorer to make it a little easier.


Thanks, Justin