3dBrickstat output order + broken docs links

Dear AFNIites,

I hope all is well. I realize that 3dBrickstat when run with multiple stats outputs results in a sequence that is different than the sequence in the command line. Without any accompanying header, it is difficult to figure out the order without verifying one stat at a time.

3dBrickStat -slow -median -min -max -mean -stdev -perc_quiet SOMETHING.niml.dset
returns the stats in a sequential order matching the options in the command line.
This one however does not:
3dBrickStat -slow -mean -median -min -max -stdev -perc_quiet SOMETHING.niml.dset

I also had problems browsing the documentation. The links to pdf and ppt in SUMA - AFNI Surface Mapper | afni.nimh.nih.gov (https://afni.nimh.nih.gov/pub/dist/edu/latest/suma/suma.pdf) return a 403 error.

All the best,

That's true. Unlike some other nicely written programs, like 3dinfo for example, 3dBrickstat gives output in its own order, which isn't apparent. Following 3dinfo's example would be a good idea.

Try the link now!