2 Postdoc positions at UConn brainLENS Lab (https://www.brainlens.org)

The Hoeft Lab (http://brainLENS.org; PI: Fumiko Hoeft MD PhD, Campus Dean & CAO; Professor of the Department of Psychological Sciences) at the University of Connecticut (UConn) is looking for two exceptional postdocs in the field of cognitive neuroscience/neurolinguistics with advanced neuroimaging, computational, programming, and writing skills.

The postdocs are expected to analyze functional and structural MRI (and EEG) data and publish primarily from three NIH-funded projects: (1) the INTERGENERATIONAL NEUROIMAGING project that examines transmission of neurocognitive features of language/reading and executive function across generations (e.g., Ho et al. TiNS 2016); (2) the MULTILINGUAL project that investigates reading development and the underlying neural mechanisms in early multilingual children who were followed up since pre-literate grades 3/5 (e.g., Kepinska et al. Sci Rep 2023); and (3) the NEURAL NOISE HYPOTHESIS project that tests the hypothesis using multimodal MRI and EEG (e.g., Hancock et al. TiCS 2017). There are also opportunities to write grants and publish using other existing (e.g., TMS+MRI+MRS) and publicly available datasets in the lab on the neuroscience of language and literacy.

The candidate must have strong research experience in (1) reading / dyslexia or related fields of cognitive neuroscience and (2) MRI- (and/or EEG) based neuroimaging. Strong management, collaboration, communication, and writing skills are required. A strong publication record and expertise in programming, open-science approaches, and network / machine learning approaches are a plus.

The positions can begin immediately. Please email brainlens@uconn.edu with a cover letter describing qualifications and a current CV. Please add “[Postdoc job] First & Last Name” to the email's subject. Qualified candidates will be asked to have three letters of reference forwarded.

Thank you!