wrongs when add mask to 3dMVM

dear experts:
Now I am trying to do a ROI analysis with 3dMVM.I just added the option of “mask” to my previous code which was done successfully. However, there were something wrong when I ran the code, it said that "** Error: Quitting due to model test failure… ". Can you help me point out where the error is? Thank you.
My code is following:
3dMVM -prefix lVWFA -jobs 12
-bsVars Group
-wsVars ‘VisualfieldContrastCategory’
-mask vwfa1+tlrc
-num_glt 3
-gltLabel 1 NHwordcar -gltCode 1 ‘Group : 1NH Category : 1word -1car’
-gltLabel 2 NH
conword -gltCode 2 'Group : 1NH Contrast : 1high -1low Category : 1word’
-gltLabel 3 NH
vfword -gltCode 3 'Group : 1NH Visualfield : 1left -1right Category : 1*word’
Subj Group Visualfield Contrast Category InputFile
s1 deaf left high car S2_s+tlrc’[1]’
s1 deaf right high car S2_s+tlrc’[4]’
s1 deaf left low car S2_s+tlrc’[7]’
s1 deaf right low car S2_s+tlrc’[10]’
s1 deaf left high tool S2_s+tlrc’[13]’
s1 deaf right high tool S2_s+tlrc’[16]’
s1 deaf left low tool S2_s+tlrc’[19]’
s1 deaf right low tool S2_s+tlrc’[22]’
s1 deaf left high face S2_s+tlrc’[25]’
s1 deaf right high face S2_s+tlrc’[28]’
s1 deaf left low face S2_s+tlrc’[31]’
s1 deaf right low face S2_s+tlrc’[34]’
s1 deaf left high word S2_s+tlrc’[37]’
s1 deaf right high word S2_s+tlrc’[40]’
s1 deaf left low word S2_s+tlrc’[43]’
s1 deaf right low word S2_s+tlrc’[46]’
s2 NH left high car lsb_s+tlrc’[1]’
s2 NH right high car lsb_s+tlrc’[4]’
s2 NH left low car lsb_s+tlrc’[7]’
s2 NH right low car lsb_s+tlrc’[10]’
s2 NH left high tool lsb_s+tlrc’[13]’
s2 NH right high tool lsb_s+tlrc’[16]’
s2 NH left low tool lsb_s+tlrc’[19]’
s2 NH right low tool lsb_s+tlrc’[22]’
s2 NH left high face lsb_s+tlrc’[25]’
s2 NH right high face lsb_s+tlrc’[28]’
s2 NH left low face lsb_s+tlrc’[31]’
s2 NH right low face lsb_s+tlrc’[34]’
s2 NH left high word lsb_s+tlrc’[37]’
s2 NH right high word lsb_s+tlrc’[40]’
s2 NH left low word lsb_s+tlrc’[43]’
s2 NH right low word lsb_s+tlrc’[46]’
s3 deaf left high car wzh_s+tlrc’[1]’
s3 deaf right high car wzh_s+tlrc’[4]’
s3 deaf left low car wzh_s+tlrc’[7]’
s3 deaf right low car wzh_s+tlrc’[10]’
s3 deaf left high tool wzh_s+tlrc’[13]’
s3 deaf right high tool wzh_s+tlrc’[16]’
s3 deaf left low tool wzh_s+tlrc’[19]’
s3 deaf right low tool wzh_s+tlrc’[22]’
s3 deaf left high face wzh_s+tlrc’[25]’
s3 deaf right high face wzh_s+tlrc’[28]’
s3 deaf left low face wzh_s+tlrc’[31]’
s3 deaf right low face wzh_s+tlrc’[34]’
s3 deaf left high word wzh_s+tlrc’[37]’
s3 deaf right high word wzh_s+tlrc’[40]’
s3 deaf left low word wzh_s+tlrc’[43]’
s3 deaf right low word wzh_s+tlrc’[46]’
s4 NH left high car xjy_s+tlrc’[1]’
s4 NH right high car xjy_s+tlrc’[4]’
s4 NH left low car xjy_s+tlrc’[7]’
s4 NH right low car xjy_s+tlrc’[10]’
s4 NH left high tool xjy_s+tlrc’[13]’
s4 NH right high tool xjy_s+tlrc’[16]’
s4 NH left low tool xjy_s+tlrc’[19]’
s4 NH right low tool xjy_s+tlrc’[22]’
s4 NH left high face xjy_s+tlrc’[25]’
s4 NH right high face xjy_s+tlrc’[28]’
s4 NH left low face xjy_s+tlrc’[31]’
s4 NH right low face xjy_s+tlrc’[34]’
s4 NH left high word xjy_s+tlrc’[37]’
s4 NH right high word xjy_s+tlrc’[40]’
s4 NH left low word xjy_s+tlrc’[43]’
s4 NH right low word xjy_s+tlrc’[46]’
s5 NH left high car xzl_s+tlrc’[1]’
s5 NH right high car xzl_s+tlrc’[4]’
s5 NH left low car xzl_s+tlrc’[7]’
s5 NH right low car xzl_s+tlrc’[10]’
s5 NH left high tool xzl_s+tlrc’[13]’
s5 NH right high tool xzl_s+tlrc’[16]’
s5 NH left low tool xzl_s+tlrc’[19]’
s5 NH right low tool xzl_s+tlrc’[22]’
s5 NH left high face xzl_s+tlrc’[25]’
s5 NH right high face xzl_s+tlrc’[28]’
s5 NH left low face xzl_s+tlrc’[31]’
s5 NH right low face xzl_s+tlrc’[34]’
s5 NH left high word xzl_s+tlrc’[37]’
s5 NH right high word xzl_s+tlrc’[40]’
s5 NH left low word xzl_s+tlrc’[43]’
s5 NH right low word xzl_s+tlrc’[46]’
s6 NH left high car zzh_s+tlrc’[1]’
s6 NH right high car zzh_s+tlrc’[4]’
s6 NH left low car zzh_s+tlrc’[7]’
s6 NH right low car zzh_s+tlrc’[10]’
s6 NH left high tool zzh_s+tlrc’[13]’
s6 NH right high tool zzh_s+tlrc’[16]’
s6 NH left low tool zzh_s+tlrc’[19]’
s6 NH right low tool zzh_s+tlrc’[22]’
s6 NH left high face zzh_s+tlrc’[25]’
s6 NH right high face zzh_s+tlrc’[28]’
s6 NH left low face zzh_s+tlrc’[31]’
s6 NH right low face zzh_s+tlrc’[34]’
s6 NH left high word zzh_s+tlrc’[37]’
s6 NH right high word zzh_s+tlrc’[40]’
s6 NH left low word zzh_s+tlrc’[43]’
s6 NH right low word zzh_s+tlrc’[46]’
s7 deaf left high car chenjianyi_s+tlrc’[1]’
s7 deaf right high car chenjianyi_s+tlrc’[4]’
s7 deaf left low car chenjianyi_s+tlrc’[7]’
s7 deaf right low car chenjianyi_s+tlrc’[10]’
s7 deaf left high tool chenjianyi_s+tlrc’[13]’
s7 deaf right high tool chenjianyi_s+tlrc’[16]’
s7 deaf left low tool chenjianyi_s+tlrc’[19]’
s7 deaf right low tool chenjianyi_s+tlrc’[22]’
s7 deaf left high face chenjianyi_s+tlrc’[25]’
s7 deaf right high face chenjianyi_s+tlrc’[28]’
s7 deaf left low face chenjianyi_s+tlrc’[31]’
s7 deaf right low face chenjianyi_s+tlrc’[34]’
s7 deaf left high word chenjianyi_s+tlrc’[37]’
s7 deaf right high word chenjianyi_s+tlrc’[40]’
s7 deaf left low word chenjianyi_s+tlrc’[43]’
s7 deaf right low word chenjianyi_s+tlrc’[46]’
s8 deaf left high car huabin_s+tlrc’[1]’
s8 deaf right high car huabin_s+tlrc’[4]’
s8 deaf left low car huabin_s+tlrc’[7]’
s8 deaf right low car huabin_s+tlrc’[10]’
s8 deaf left high tool huabin_s+tlrc’[13]’
s8 deaf right high tool huabin_s+tlrc’[16]’
s8 deaf left low tool huabin_s+tlrc’[19]’
s8 deaf right low tool huabin_s+tlrc’[22]’
s8 deaf left high face huabin_s+tlrc’[25]’
s8 deaf right high face huabin_s+tlrc’[28]’
s8 deaf left low face huabin_s+tlrc’[31]’
s8 deaf right low face huabin_s+tlrc’[34]’
s8 deaf left high word huabin_s+tlrc’[37]’
s8 deaf right high word huabin_s+tlrc’[40]’
s8 deaf left low word huabin_s+tlrc’[43]’
s8 deaf right low word huabin_s+tlrc’[46]’
s9 deaf left high car liuxinqi_s+tlrc’[1]’
s9 deaf right high car liuxinqi_s+tlrc’[4]’
s9 deaf left low car liuxinqi_s+tlrc’[7]’
s9 deaf right low car liuxinqi_s+tlrc’[10]’
s9 deaf left high tool liuxinqi_s+tlrc’[13]’
s9 deaf right high tool liuxinqi_s+tlrc’[16]’
s9 deaf left low tool liuxinqi_s+tlrc’[19]’
s9 deaf right low tool liuxinqi_s+tlrc’[22]’
s9 deaf left high face liuxinqi_s+tlrc’[25]’
s9 deaf right high face liuxinqi_s+tlrc’[28]’
s9 deaf left low face liuxinqi_s+tlrc’[31]’
s9 deaf right low face liuxinqi_s+tlrc’[34]’
s9 deaf left high word liuxinqi_s+tlrc’[37]’
s9 deaf right high word liuxinqi_s+tlrc’[40]’
s9 deaf left low word liuxinqi_s+tlrc’[43]’
s9 deaf right low word liuxinqi_s+tlrc’[46]’
s10 deaf left high car lxq_s+tlrc’[1]’
s10 deaf right high car lxq_s+tlrc’[4]’
s10 deaf left low car lxq_s+tlrc’[7]’
s10 deaf right low car lxq_s+tlrc’[10]’
s10 deaf left high tool lxq_s+tlrc’[13]’
s10 deaf right high tool lxq_s+tlrc’[16]’
s10 deaf left low tool lxq_s+tlrc’[19]’
s10 deaf right low tool lxq_s+tlrc’[22]’
s10 deaf left high face lxq_s+tlrc’[25]’
s10 deaf right high face lxq_s+tlrc’[28]’
s10 deaf left low face lxq_s+tlrc’[31]’
s10 deaf right low face lxq_s+tlrc’[34]’
s10 deaf left high word lxq_s+tlrc’[37]’
s10 deaf right high word lxq_s+tlrc’[40]’
s10 deaf left low word lxq_s+tlrc’[43]’
s10 deaf right low word lxq_s+tlrc’[46]’
s11 deaf left high car muguangyu_s+tlrc’[1]’
s11 deaf right high car muguangyu_s+tlrc’[4]’
s11 deaf left low car muguangyu_s+tlrc’[7]’
s11 deaf right low car muguangyu_s+tlrc’[10]’
s11 deaf left high tool muguangyu_s+tlrc’[13]’
s11 deaf right high tool muguangyu_s+tlrc’[16]’
s11 deaf left low tool muguangyu_s+tlrc’[19]’
s11 deaf right low tool muguangyu_s+tlrc’[22]’
s11 deaf left high face muguangyu_s+tlrc’[25]’
s11 deaf right high face muguangyu_s+tlrc’[28]’
s11 deaf left low face muguangyu_s+tlrc’[31]’
s11 deaf right low face muguangyu_s+tlrc’[34]’
s11 deaf left high word muguangyu_s+tlrc’[37]’
s11 deaf right high word muguangyu_s+tlrc’[40]’
s11 deaf left low word muguangyu_s+tlrc’[43]’
s11 deaf right low word muguangyu_s+tlrc’[46]’
s12 deaf left high car shishiqi_s+tlrc’[1]’
s12 deaf right high car shishiqi_s+tlrc’[4]’
s12 deaf left low car shishiqi_s+tlrc’[7]’
s12 deaf right low car shishiqi_s+tlrc’[10]’
s12 deaf left high tool shishiqi_s+tlrc’[13]’
s12 deaf right high tool shishiqi_s+tlrc’[16]’
s12 deaf left low tool shishiqi_s+tlrc’[19]’
s12 deaf right low tool shishiqi_s+tlrc’[22]’
s12 deaf left high face shishiqi_s+tlrc’[25]’
s12 deaf right high face shishiqi_s+tlrc’[28]’
s12 deaf left low face shishiqi_s+tlrc’[31]’
s12 deaf right low face shishiqi_s+tlrc’[34]’
s12 deaf left high word shishiqi_s+tlrc’[37]’
s12 deaf right high word shishiqi_s+tlrc’[40]’
s12 deaf left low word shishiqi_s+tlrc’[43]’
s12 deaf right low word shishiqi_s+tlrc’[46]’
s13 deaf left high car wuyuxuan_s+tlrc’[1]’
s13 deaf right high car wuyuxuan_s+tlrc’[4]’
s13 deaf left low car wuyuxuan_s+tlrc’[7]’
s13 deaf right low car wuyuxuan_s+tlrc’[10]’
s13 deaf left high tool wuyuxuan_s+tlrc’[13]’
s13 deaf right high tool wuyuxuan_s+tlrc’[16]’
s13 deaf left low tool wuyuxuan_s+tlrc’[19]’
s13 deaf right low tool wuyuxuan_s+tlrc’[22]’
s13 deaf left high face wuyuxuan_s+tlrc’[25]’
s13 deaf right high face wuyuxuan_s+tlrc’[28]’
s13 deaf left low face wuyuxuan_s+tlrc’[31]’
s13 deaf right low face wuyuxuan_s+tlrc’[34]’
s13 deaf left high word wuyuxuan_s+tlrc’[37]’
s13 deaf right high word wuyuxuan_s+tlrc’[40]’
s13 deaf left low word wuyuxuan_s+tlrc’[43]’
s13 deaf right low word wuyuxuan_s+tlrc’[46]’
s14 deaf left high car zhaoyuan_s+tlrc’[1]’
s14 deaf right high car zhaoyuan_s+tlrc’[4]’
s14 deaf left low car zhaoyuan_s+tlrc’[7]’
s14 deaf right low car zhaoyuan_s+tlrc’[10]’
s14 deaf left high tool zhaoyuan_s+tlrc’[13]’
s14 deaf right high tool zhaoyuan_s+tlrc’[16]’
s14 deaf left low tool zhaoyuan_s+tlrc’[19]’
s14 deaf right low tool zhaoyuan_s+tlrc’[22]’
s14 deaf left high face zhaoyuan_s+tlrc’[25]’
s14 deaf right high face zhaoyuan_s+tlrc’[28]’
s14 deaf left low face zhaoyuan_s+tlrc’[31]’
s14 deaf right low face zhaoyuan_s+tlrc’[34]’
s14 deaf left high word zhaoyuan_s+tlrc’[37]’
s14 deaf right high word zhaoyuan_s+tlrc’[40]’
s14 deaf left low word zhaoyuan_s+tlrc’[43]’
s14 deaf right low word zhaoyuan_s+tlrc’[46]’
s15 NH left high car dkd_s+tlrc’[1]’
s15 NH right high car dkd_s+tlrc’[4]’
s15 NH left low car dkd_s+tlrc’[7]’
s15 NH right low car dkd_s+tlrc’[10]’
s15 NH left high tool dkd_s+tlrc’[13]’
s15 NH right high tool dkd_s+tlrc’[16]’
s15 NH left low tool dkd_s+tlrc’[19]’
s15 NH right low tool dkd_s+tlrc’[22]’
s15 NH left high face dkd_s+tlrc’[25]’
s15 NH right high face dkd_s+tlrc’[28]’
s15 NH left low face dkd_s+tlrc’[31]’
s15 NH right low face dkd_s+tlrc’[34]’
s15 NH left high word dkd_s+tlrc’[37]’
s15 NH right high word dkd_s+tlrc’[40]’
s15 NH left low word dkd_s+tlrc’[43]’
s15 NH right low word dkd_s+tlrc’[46]’
s16 deaf left high car gaoxiong_s+tlrc’[1]’
s16 deaf right high car gaoxiong_s+tlrc’[4]’
s16 deaf left low car gaoxiong_s+tlrc’[7]’
s16 deaf right low car gaoxiong_s+tlrc’[10]’
s16 deaf left high tool gaoxiong_s+tlrc’[13]’
s16 deaf right high tool gaoxiong_s+tlrc’[16]’
s16 deaf left low tool gaoxiong_s+tlrc’[19]’
s16 deaf right low tool gaoxiong_s+tlrc’[22]’
s16 deaf left high face gaoxiong_s+tlrc’[25]’
s16 deaf right high face gaoxiong_s+tlrc’[28]’
s16 deaf left low face gaoxiong_s+tlrc’[31]’
s16 deaf right low face gaoxiong_s+tlrc’[34]’
s16 deaf left high word gaoxiong_s+tlrc’[37]’
s16 deaf right high word gaoxiong_s+tlrc’[40]’
s16 deaf left low word gaoxiong_s+tlrc’[43]’
s16 deaf right low word gaoxiong_s+tlrc’[46]’
s17 NH left high car ligang_s+tlrc’[1]’
s17 NH right high car ligang_s+tlrc’[4]’
s17 NH left low car ligang_s+tlrc’[7]’
s17 NH right low car ligang_s+tlrc’[10]’
s17 NH left high tool ligang_s+tlrc’[13]’
s17 NH right high tool ligang_s+tlrc’[16]’
s17 NH left low tool ligang_s+tlrc’[19]’
s17 NH right low tool ligang_s+tlrc’[22]’
s17 NH left high face ligang_s+tlrc’[25]’
s17 NH right high face ligang_s+tlrc’[28]’
s17 NH left low face ligang_s+tlrc’[31]’
s17 NH right low face ligang_s+tlrc’[34]’
s17 NH left high word ligang_s+tlrc’[37]’
s17 NH right high word ligang_s+tlrc’[40]’
s17 NH left low word ligang_s+tlrc’[43]’
s17 NH right low word ligang_s+tlrc’[46]’
s18 NH left high car yhc_s+tlrc’[1]’
s18 NH right high car yhc_s+tlrc’[4]’
s18 NH left low car yhc_s+tlrc’[7]’
s18 NH right low car yhc_s+tlrc’[10]’
s18 NH left high tool yhc_s+tlrc’[13]’
s18 NH right high tool yhc_s+tlrc’[16]’
s18 NH left low tool yhc_s+tlrc’[19]’
s18 NH right low tool yhc_s+tlrc’[22]’
s18 NH left high face yhc_s+tlrc’[25]’
s18 NH right high face yhc_s+tlrc’[28]’
s18 NH left low face yhc_s+tlrc’[31]’
s18 NH right low face yhc_s+tlrc’[34]’
s18 NH left high word yhc_s+tlrc’[37]’
s18 NH right high word yhc_s+tlrc’[40]’
s18 NH left low word yhc_s+tlrc’[43]’
s18 NH right low word yhc_s+tlrc’[46]’
s19 NH left high car zhouyinyan_s+tlrc’[1]’
s19 NH right high car zhouyinyan_s+tlrc’[4]’
s19 NH left low car zhouyinyan_s+tlrc’[7]’
s19 NH right low car zhouyinyan_s+tlrc’[10]’
s19 NH left high tool zhouyinyan_s+tlrc’[13]’
s19 NH right high tool zhouyinyan_s+tlrc’[16]’
s19 NH left low tool zhouyinyan_s+tlrc’[19]’
s19 NH right low tool zhouyinyan_s+tlrc’[22]’
s19 NH left high face zhouyinyan_s+tlrc’[25]’
s19 NH right high face zhouyinyan_s+tlrc’[28]’
s19 NH left low face zhouyinyan_s+tlrc’[31]’
s19 NH right low face zhouyinyan_s+tlrc’[34]’
s19 NH left high word zhouyinyan_s+tlrc’[37]’
s19 NH right high word zhouyinyan_s+tlrc’[40]’
s19 NH left low word zhouyinyan_s+tlrc’[43]’
s19 NH right low word zhouyinyan_s+tlrc’[46]’
s20 NH left high car zhusiqi_s+tlrc’[1]’
s20 NH right high car zhusiqi_s+tlrc’[4]’
s20 NH left low car zhusiqi_s+tlrc’[7]’
s20 NH right low car zhusiqi_s+tlrc’[10]’
s20 NH left high tool zhusiqi_s+tlrc’[13]’
s20 NH right high tool zhusiqi_s+tlrc’[16]’
s20 NH left low tool zhusiqi_s+tlrc’[19]’
s20 NH right low tool zhusiqi_s+tlrc’[22]’
s20 NH left high face zhusiqi_s+tlrc’[25]’
s20 NH right high face zhusiqi_s+tlrc’[28]’
s20 NH left low face zhusiqi_s+tlrc’[31]’
s20 NH right low face zhusiqi_s+tlrc’[34]’
s20 NH left high word zhusiqi_s+tlrc’[37]’
s20 NH right high word zhusiqi_s+tlrc’[40]’
s20 NH left low word zhusiqi_s+tlrc’[43]’
s20 NH right low word zhusiqi_s+tlrc’[46]’
s21 NH left high car zxs_s+tlrc’[1]’
s21 NH right high car zxs_s+tlrc’[4]’
s21 NH left low car zxs_s+tlrc’[7]’
s21 NH right low car zxs_s+tlrc’[10]’
s21 NH left high tool zxs_s+tlrc’[13]’
s21 NH right high tool zxs_s+tlrc’[16]’
s21 NH left low tool zxs_s+tlrc’[19]’
s21 NH right low tool zxs_s+tlrc’[22]’
s21 NH left high face zxs_s+tlrc’[25]’
s21 NH right high face zxs_s+tlrc’[28]’
s21 NH left low face zxs_s+tlrc’[31]’
s21 NH right low face zxs_s+tlrc’[34]’
s21 NH left high word zxs_s+tlrc’[37]’
s21 NH right high word zxs_s+tlrc’[40]’
s21 NH left low word zxs_s+tlrc’[43]’
s21 NH right low word zxs_s+tlrc’[46]’
s22 NH left high car yxm_s+tlrc’[1]’
s22 NH right high car yxm_s+tlrc’[4]’
s22 NH left low car yxm_s+tlrc’[7]’
s22 NH right low car yxm_s+tlrc’[10]’
s22 NH left high tool yxm_s+tlrc’[13]’
s22 NH right high tool yxm_s+tlrc’[16]’
s22 NH left low tool yxm_s+tlrc’[19]’
s22 NH right low tool yxm_s+tlrc’[22]’
s22 NH left high face yxm_s+tlrc’[25]’
s22 NH right high face yxm_s+tlrc’[28]’
s22 NH left low face yxm_s+tlrc’[31]’
s22 NH right low face yxm_s+tlrc’[34]’
s22 NH left high word yxm_s+tlrc’[37]’
s22 NH right high word yxm_s+tlrc’[40]’
s22 NH left low word yxm_s+tlrc’[43]’
s22 NH right low word yxm_s+tlrc’[46]’
s23 NH left high car lch_s+tlrc’[1]’
s23 NH right high car lch_s+tlrc’[4]’
s23 NH left low car lch_s+tlrc’[7]’
s23 NH right low car lch_s+tlrc’[10]’
s23 NH left high tool lch_s+tlrc’[13]’
s23 NH right high tool lch_s+tlrc’[16]’
s23 NH left low tool lch_s+tlrc’[19]’
s23 NH right low tool lch_s+tlrc’[22]’
s23 NH left high face lch_s+tlrc’[25]’
s23 NH right high face lch_s+tlrc’[28]’
s23 NH left low face lch_s+tlrc’[31]’
s23 NH right low face lch_s+tlrc’[34]’
s23 NH left high word lch_s+tlrc’[37]’
s23 NH right high word lch_s+tlrc’[40]’
s23 NH left low word lch_s+tlrc’[43]’
s23 NH right low word lch_s+tlrc’[46]’ \

You don’t have to run this analysis with the ROI. Instead, just apply the ROI mask directly to the output from your previous analysis.

The mask problem will hopefully be fixed in the next AFNI official release.