Would you mind helping me about making correlation matrix?

Hello, Sir and Madam

I’m beginner of AFNI.

I want to make correlation matrix from functional MRI data, then want to extract the results as some style (i.e.: text file or csv file), and depict the result.
I have a datasets of a normal subject(named Sub1001.T1.nii and Sub1001.fun.nii), and have done IntraCorr procedure.
Then I want to know how to generate their correlation matrix. Can I do this by AFNI software?
What command should I use? 3dROCorr?, @ROI_Corr_Mat?
Can I do that from GUI? If I have to do that from command line, please teach me how to describe the script.
I’m very sorry for interrupting your work, but I am looking for your reply.

Best regards
Tsuyoshi Hashimoto, PhD (JAPAN)

Hi, Tsuyoshi–

Well, welcome to AFNI, then.

3dNetCorr would be my suggestion. An example of using the command is given in this recent post:
… and you can also check out the helpfile and see if it provides what you want… Basically, you can put in a time series data set and a map of ROIs, and then the function calculates the mean time series of each region and plops out the correlation matrix results in a couple different formats, one of which is a text file that can be plotted most easily with fat_mat_sel.py.

Feel free to take those for a test drive, and to ask questions as you go. I note that there is also an example script in the FATCAT Demo, as described here, which you can download:
the 3dNetCorr example script is currently: Do_12_RUNrsfc_netw_corr.tcsh.