Which script is better for generating optimal experimental sequence?

Hi afni experts,
I need an optimal experimental sequence for my event-related fMRI experiment. And I found two scripts on the internet to do this: @DesignSearch[/url] and [url=https://afni.nimh.nih.gov/pub/dist/edu/data/CD.expanded/AFNI_data6/ht03/@stim_analyze]@stim_analyze. These two scripts look different. I want to know which one of them is better?
Thank you!

Hi Yu,

Those are fundamentally the same scripts, except for the
restrictions of the random event generating programs.
@DesignSearch uses RSFgen by Doug Ward (written
almost 20 years ago). The @stim_analyze script works
with make_random_timing.py.

The real question is which such program is capable of
generating events suitable to your needs.

make_random_timing.py is capable of handing far more
advanced designs (which does not mean it can handle
any design - it cannot).

  • rick